Kayaking down the Ebro river


Descent on the Ebre river, from "Pas de la Barca" of Miravet until Benifallet. 
The initial meeting point is the pier of Benifallet, between 9.30h and 10h. From there, in ten minutes, we will move you to "Pas de la Barca" de Miravet, the place where the adventure begins.

Kayaking down The Ebre river

Kayaking down The Ebre river

Before getting into the river they make a small theoretical-practical explanation and some advice, later everybody in the water. At first, in a very quiet area and without current, the theory of the most elementary manoeuvres of the kayak is put into practice.

Our monitors, will accompany you and they will focus on the group always. They also focus on the correct technique of canoeing and river navigation. They also show the points of interest of the route, from the point of view of history and landscaping. If the group is numerous a motor boat of support also accompanies us.

During the descent, we do a stop to rest, stretch our legs, drink, eat, take pictures, take a bath, do a boat exchange, observe species, etc...

We also go through the interior of some beautiful islands that we find during the tour, where you can appreciate even more beauty and fullness of the riparian forest.

Distance: 12 km (in the stream)

Duration: from 2 to 3 hours (with stop included)

Level: Beginner

Timing: All year

Note: bookings beforehand!

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