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Since its creation in 1996, Esgambi has been offering a comprehensive bike rental and collection service along the ZafŠn Valley Greenway.

The old railway line has been converted into an excellent route for the exclusive use of cyclists, walkers and riders and passes through different landscapes which are just a taste of the wide and wealthy variety of these lands.

From Aragon to Catalonia, from the village of La Puebla de HŪjar or Alcaniz to Tortosa, with approximately 130km of track, the route runs from the arid lands of Teruel to the fertile banks of the Baix Ebro irrigated by the waters of the great Ebro River, through the wild MatarraŮa and the Els Ports Natural Park where the track enters Catalonia via the Terra Alta county.

And it is also here in the heart of the Els Ports Natural Park, where you cannot miss the opportunity to experience a descent of the Canaleta River, a very aquatic ravine, suitable for all levels situated in the heart of the wilderness. Spectacular scenery and guaranteed fun...

From our office located in the charming village of Horta de Sant Joan, Esgambi continues to offer the same quality service year after year with bike rental, wetsuits hire and all the accessories needed to enjoy these fantastic natural surroundings without our customers having to worry about anything.

We also make transfers to the different stations located in towns along the route, offering the chance for you to discover the beauty of these different zones, with turnaround times in the morning and evening collections.

We are experts in ZafŠn Valley Greenway. Feel free to ask us and we'll be more than happy to advise you on which section we think is the most suited to your needs.

Come and enjoy the ZAFÁN VALLEY GREENWAY with ESGAMBI.

Zafán Valley Greenway

Greenway informationGreenway Information
Donít miss the video that was recorded for the TV3 program Temps d'Adventura. In the recording which features Esgambi, you can also view a summary of the entire route.

Lloguer de bicicletesBikes Rentals
Town or geared bikes, childrenís bikes or those connected by a bar, tandems, bike trailers and child seats along with all the material necessary for users of the greenway, for families, groups of friends, for your adventures...

Alquiler de bicicletasElectric Bikes Rentals
La Estació de Benifallet y Esgambi ponen a tu disposición un nuevo concepto de cicloturismo; sencillo, fiable y sin demasiado esfuerzo...

Timetable and ratesTimetable & Rates
Find out about the different drop off and pick up points & timings along with the initial and destination stations along with the different rates for all the services we offer.

Benifallet Old Station
We have our own accommodation!!
Esgambi and Benifallet Station unite to give you a complete quality service for the Zafán Valley Greenway.

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Esgambi innovates and makes it easy for you.
Book on line to make sure you have the best service available.

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  • Descens del
    Canaleta River Canyoning

    The Canaleta River, the last tributary of the Ebro, offers wonderful conditions to initiate us into the world of canyoning.
    Jumps, slides, underwater passes and above all, lots of water ... guaranteed fun in a spectacular setting right in the heart of the Ports Natural Park.

  • Canyoning and packs
    Canyoning on-line reservation

    Book your canyoning trip conveniently from home and make sure you donít miss this adventure.

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  • Lloguer de bicicletes

    Esgambi also offers you a selection of Packs at special prices so you donít miss out on any of the adventures that we offer.
    Do you want to rent a bike and dine in the Benifallet Station, maybe you want to go canyoning and biking... or kayaking on the Ebro River or maybe you want to do the greenway at night or undertake the whole route? ... Enter and find out more

  • Lloguer de bicicletes
    Packs on-line reservation

    Donít leave without enjoying some or all of the experiences that Esgambi has created for you. Book now to avoid disappointment, limited places!!